Webinar: Making Beautiful Interactive Maps Online

One of the most effective ways of telling your organization’s story is through images, and maps are one of the most powerful visuals you can employ. Online maps provide context, engage viewers with interactive features, and reveal stories by visualizing your data, as in this example visualizing US foreign held debt: http://developmentseed.org/projects/us-debt/

Join data analyst Dave Johnson of Mapbox who will walk you through common use cases for web maps, provide an overview the best types of data to map and the most effective ways to reach your audience. Dave will then walk you though the steps to go from spreadsheet to an interactive map in minutes. Using the example of MapBox’s free cross platform map design software TileMill, he’ll walk you through how to create an interactive online map that is ready to be embedded in your website, blog or loaded onto your iPad!

In this webinar, participants will:

  • Understand the audience and context for data maps
  • Learn how to add geo coordinates to your spreadsheets
  • Add interactive information on mouse-over
  • Put your data on world, regional, or local maps to embed on your site

About the Presenter

Dave Johnson (DJ)

DJ is a data analyst and training specialist at MapBox, where he works with clients including Thousand Days, Global Integrity, and Amnesty International. In addition to data strategy and processing, DJ trains clients and others on how to use tools like TileMill and the MapBox platform to make maps, share them online, and overall better integrate maps and data visualizations into their work. Before joining Development Seed, DJ taught middle schoolers media literacy and documentary filmmaking outside of Boston and studied international relations and visual arts at Boston University, focusing primarily on the intersection of international conflict, religion, and politics.