Webinar: Lessons & Stories from NTEN’s Digital Inclusion Fellows

How can churches be a nexus of digital literacy, learning, and inclusion? How does a large housing authority continue to grow and innovate its services for residents?

Join the 2017 Digital Inclusion Fellows for a presentation and discussion of some of the successes, lessons learned, and stories from the Digital Inclusion Fellowship. Four of the Fellows in the third cohort worked to build digital literacy programs in a network of faith communities in Atlanta and the Bay Area; another Fellow worked at Austin’s Housing Authority.

Jointly, the Fellows served over 1700 learners over the course of the year. In doing so, they’ve demonstrated the unique role that churches, faith communities, and public housing can have in the digital inclusion ecosystem. Please join us to hear about the Fellows’ work and to learn more about the Fellowship program.

Speaker: Aneta Lee
Aneta Thomas Lee is an altruistic forward-thinker with a passion for underserved neighborhoods. She has worked in Nonprofit Management—either by volunteer or active employment—for over 20 years. She enjoys serving others by giving them the education they need to empower themselves. Aneta served as a Digital Inclusion Fellow in the 2015 & 2017 Cohorts and is excited for the opportunity to continue as an agent of change in her community.
Speaker: Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones, from a small city in the Bay Area, is a Digital Media Production graduate from UC Santa Cruz. With over five years of experience in theater, graphic design and content writing, she believes her passion for digital storytelling and creative collaboration will aid her community in bridging the digital divide. In her remaining spare time, she enjoys writing, acting, and making plans for her next travel destination—all while playing some feel good music.
Speaker: Necole Durham
I'm very passionate about adult education and working in the community. Most of my work has been in literacy programs for refugees and immigrants. Some of the places where I have taught and organized adult education classes are for Columbus State Community College, Cobb County Public Schools, and Jewish Family and Career Services. One of my most rewarding experiences was the first time one of my refugee students from Bhutan, who was in his 60s, realized he could read and seeing the pride in his eyes when he shared what it meant to him.
Speaker: Atif Hamedi
I have graduated with Bachelor’s degree in Management from Kardan University in Kabul, Afghanistan. I have nine years of experience working with the United States Marine Corps (USMC) and United States Air Force (USAF) as a Translator and Cultural Advisor. Atif has worked as an intern with the Housing Authority of the City of Austin for one year and speaks Pashtu, Hindi, and Persian languages. As a current Austin Community College student, he is working to obtain an Associate Degree in Network Administration. He loves helping people because “We only have what we give.”
Speaker: Lorena Cuffy
I am a leader in my community with a passion for connecting with people. Over the past decade, I’ve worked for a myriad of nonprofits as an educator, motivator, and fundraiser. My educational background is in accounting, international relations, and computer information systems. I live in East Palo Alto, CA as a single mother to my sprouting 6 year old son, Yeshua.