Webinar: Leaders Leveraging Wireless

If you or anyone in your organization has a laptop, we want to encourage you to leave your desk! Go on. Get out. Increase efficiency. Decrease costs. Get things done. Thanks to wireless technology, your staff can do more, communicate more, and be more efficient simply by leaving their desks.

This webinar will explore the many facets of your organization including communication, fundraising, programs, community outreach, and staffing/volunteerism, and will challenge your thinking on ways to leverage wireless technology in each area.

Who should attend? 

Today’s nonprofit leaders, employees, and volunteers are less and less tied to a desk, or sitting in an office. We’ll demonstrate how nonprofit directors or heads of almost any department could use wireless technology or Internet access to enable programs, stay connected to key stakeholders, or to work more efficiently.

What will I learn?

From our experience in working with nonprofits of all sizes, we’ve seen many ways of leveraging wireless technology to increase communication, outreach, and staff efficiency. You’ll leave with 10 concrete examples, as well as specific best practices and success stories from nonprofits around the country.

Key Takeaways:

  • Wireless technology allows nonprofit leaders, teams, and staff members to get more done away from their desks
  • Internet access is about reaching stakeholders where they are, not just surfing the web or accessing email
  • Wireless technology benefits all facets of an organization, including communication, fundraising, programs, community outreach, and staffing/volunteerism.
  • Learn best practices from other nonprofits about how to leverage wireless technology to increase communications, outreach, and staff efficiency.
Speaker: Michelle Warner
Michelle Warner is the Director of Mobile Citizen, a nonprofit organization providing affordable mobile Internet. She has spent her career helping nonprofits of all sizes, and is passionate about helping them build their capacity so they are able to innovate and grow.