Webinar: How to Develop an IT Strategy for Your Metrics and Impact Needs

The webinar will discuss many of the shortcomings in today’s approach to capturing data and metrics, evaluating the impact of your projects, and the processes in reporting the data to your donors and the community.

We will discuss approaches to developing an IT strategy that better supports tracking of your data, making the data available to donors, partners, and external users.

Additionally, the webinar shall cover the additional internal benefit to the organization when data is shared and how that can create a “learning” organization.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why do I need a strategy, and what am I missing?
  • Where is the metrics and evaluation (M&E) and open data landscape heading – donors and community expectations?
  • What should I do next to start the process of developing an IT strategy?

About the presenter:

Ms. Neeran Saraf is Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of Keen Edge Associates. Saraf is a senior IT consultant with over 25 years of experience in the development and implementation of enterprise-wide IT strategies and systems. She is a certified enterprise architect and has worked with organizations assessing their needs and developing a technology strategy that is aligned with their business objectives—in the private and public sectors, associations and non-profit organizations, and in various industries. Her achievements in the design of business applications, such as registration systems, assessment, monitoring and evaluation systems, and knowledge management and collaboration systems have been recognized and awarded by industry and professional associations. Ms. Saraf has presented in various metrics and evaluation and knowledge management conferences.

Speaker: Neeran Saraf
Ms. Neeran Saraf is a senior advisor in information technology with over twenty-five years of experience in the development and implementation of enterprise-wide IT strategies, architecture and systems. A certified enterprise architect, Ms. Saraf is expert at technology needs assessment and technology strategy development. She has a wide range of clients—large and small organizations, commercial firms, nonprofits, associations, and public sector organizations—and works both domestically and internationally. Ms. Saraf has deep knowledge of the following sectors: association management, governance, education, finance, microfinance, telecommunications, public health, and professional and workforce development. She has designed award-winning business applications and IT systems for registries, monitoring and evaluation, CRM, and knowledge management and collaboration. Ms. Saraf’s expert advisory services are supported by decades of experience working with executive teams and management, at headquarters and subsidiaries or field offices, in defining system requirements and relevance among diverse groups, and implementing existing and emerging information technologies to deliver efficient solutions. Ms. Saraf has a solid hands-on experience with various technologies, systems design, data modeling, network architecture, and database systems. Ms. Saraf holds an undergraduate degree in Computer Science Engineering from Imperial College, University of London and a masters degree in computer science from George Mason University. She is in the process of obtaining a masters degree in Information Architecture and Knowledge Management from Kent State University. She is a holder of US patent for the architecture of a shared registration system for registering domain names (patent number 7299299). She has worked in the North America, MENA and Africa regions and European countries and is fluent in English, Arabic and French.