Webinar: How To Create Great Visual Media Content On A Shoestring Budget

Social media is changing. If you are like most nonprofit professionals, it’s hard to keep up! This training is for anyone in need of the latest trends for visual media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Vine. Whether you work for a social change organization, nonprofit, or foundation, you can learn how to use these tools on a shoestring budget. We will examine how leaders in the field are successful at using these visual media platforms to advance a mission, a vision, or a cause.


  • Three new things you can do immediately to enhance your organization’s visual media platforms
  • Practical help in setting up visual media channels for your organization in a strategic way
  • How to create content using visual media tools that supports your organizational goals
  • Free and low cost resources to make it easy to create engaging visual content

This webinar is especially good for:

Everyone from entry level staff running social media to executives who want to stay in touch with the latest trends.


Speaker: Jessica Williams