Webinar: How to Avoid 5 SEO Errors That Hurt (Almost) Every Organization

Publicists love press releases. The approach was passed to us from teachers and mentors and for some reason we feel obligated to keep it alive. But climbing distribution rates and falling rates must inspire us to change our ways. The press release and PR are alive and well, but most people won’t recognize them.

Google Plus is a fairly unremarkable social network on the surface. Few disagree with that. The platform’s most attractive feature is Google Authorship, which attributes content to its author. Now authors and organizations can build their brand by proving to Google that they are an authority in their space, and Google loves authoritative content.



  • Combining PR and SEO and helping understand how the technology and the system can work together for nonprofit success
  • How to use Google Authorship to build authority


About the Presenter

Andrew Garberson is the SEO Department Coordinator at LunaMetrics. His inbound marketing and public relations background includes management experience in entrepreneurial, nonprofit and agency environments. Andrew spends much of his free time as a pro bono communications consultant for international grassroots organizations in the nonprofit sector. He has master’s degrees in business administration and mass communications.