Webinar: How Are You Including Mobile in Your Fundraising Plans?

Who should attend? This session is designed for nonprofits that are starting to look at integrating a mobile strategy into their overall fundraising plan.

What’s it about? This webinar will start you on the path to connecting to tomorrow’s donors. You’ll learn how powerful this medium can be and how to avoid some of the many pitfalls. Well surface the pros and cons of how mobile can be used, such as mobile apps, web sites, text-messaging and more. Along the way we’ll help you examine how mobile is already impacting your fundraising efforts and give you the tools for integrating mobile into your development practices.

What will I learn?

  • How to identify the impact mobile is currently having on your own fundraising
  • The way other nonprofits are using mobile in their fundraising efforts
  • Tips for integrating mobile into your own fundraising plans


About the Presenter:

A veteran of the mobile space, Kelly McIvor has dedicated more than 20 years to creating and marketing mobile products and services. His work with AT&T Wireless (now AT&T Mobility), Buy.com, Virgin America, Warner Music, Universal Music, Gameloft, Hallmark, and Disney involved planning and developing mobile marketing initiatives that include mobile video, MMS, mobile web, m-commerce, mobile apps, and SMS technologies.

Kelly is also a popular speaker on mobile strategy and puts this knowledge to use as an adjunct professor at the University of Washington Graduate School of Communications where he teaches a popular course on Mobile Media and Integration in the Masters of Communications in Digital Media (MCDM) program.