Webinar: Harnessing the Power of Google Analytics to Better Understand Grants Traffic

This webinar is the third of a 3 part series on: Online Advertising Power For Nonprofit Organizations

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Maximizing the Google Grants Program

Advanced AdWords Optimization Techniques for Google Grants Accounts


Once you’ve begun to take advantage of the available free search marketing dollars via the Google Grants program, it makes sense to ensure that you’re driving the RIGHT traffic. We’ll explore linking Google Analytics to your AdWords account in order to better understand how your advertising dollars drive website interaction. Additionally this session will speak to website goals, what they are, and how to define them within Google Analytics. Finally you’ll learn how to take analytical site insights to drive additional advertising improvements.


About the Presenter

Alan Amerault

Alan has served as the Program Manager for the Digital Marketing team at Cardinal Path since early 2012. He comes to Cardinal Path following 5 years in both the search and display media divisions of Microsoft Advertising. Spanning Seattle to London, he has collaborated with clients across several North American and European markets and a wide range of verticals. His current role with Cardinal Path spans a range of clients across a variety of online channels.