Webinar: Google Got Binged! (and Other SEO Stories)

In the past year, Search Engine Optimization has been turned on its head by the Microsoft/Yahoo alliance. While Bing and Yahoo combined now command nearly a third of all web traffic in the U.S. and drive a significant volume of donors to nonprofit websites, many SEO specialists have fallen behind in their knowledge and missed the fact that a very different algorithm drives Bing’s rankings. Your optimization practices must take this new market into account – and we can help.

This workshop will begin with a presentation on the traditional Optimization techniques we’re all familiar with, and the points of specialization that the Microsoft/Bing product requires. We’ll also cover how Google+ and social bookmarking opportunities can have a large impact on SEO. The bulk of our time together will be spent walking attendees through a step-by-step review of your own websites in order to optimize them for Search on both of the major platforms, with take-away documents to ensure you can continue the process at home.

In this webinar, participants with gain

  • A clear understanding of custom updates that can be made to your organization’s website for search optimization with Microsoft/Bing
  • A clear, comprehensive set of notes for altering the creative content of your website to attract the users who are searching for you with any engine
  • A process document customized for your organization, for routinely engaging in a review of your website’s optimization

About the Presenters

Harry Lynch

Harry Lynch is CEO of Sanky Communications and SankyNet. Since joining the direct marketing industry in 1980, Harry has worked in every aspect of the field _ from production manager to list expert to a leader of the SCI creative team, which has been honored seven times with industry awards. In 1998, Harry directed the launch of SCIês Internet marketing division, SankyNet, and today is actively involved in creative and strategy for the agencyês online clients as well as direct mail accounts. He has served as President of the Direct Marketing Fundraisers Association (DMFA), Vice President of the Greater New York Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), and Vice Chair of the Association of Direct Response Fundraising Counsel (ADRFCO).

Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan, Web Technology Director/Lead Web Developer, is a talented application developer and designer who is a proud member of the SankyNet team. Matt’s passion for web standards, programming, and content management systems is evident in his vast experience with Internet technologies. Before coming to SankyNet, Matt served as the senior web developer at a firm specializing in web design and development solutions, working for such brands as Underwriters Laboratories and Tumi. He uses this experience to help translate SankyNet’s creative vision into the interactive and dynamic websites and other online components that have given SN the reputation for being a leader in nonprofit web design and development. He has developed websites and microsites for various nonprofit organizations, including Covenant House, Freedom from Hunger, and NAACP Legal Defense Fund. His expertise with high-level, object-oriented programming languages makes Matt an invaluable and respected member of the SankyNet team.

Chelsea Whitaker

Chelsea Whitaker, Account Manager and Search Marketing Strategist, has been with SankyNet since 2009. Her prior work in online media production keeps her on the cutting edge of marketing to constantly changing digital demographics. She is passionate about using emerging trends to communicate the inspiring work of nonprofit organizations. Her combination of creativity, a natural aptitude at social media, and technical knowledge let her adapt to various types of projects, while maintaining a cohesive strategy. At SankyNet, she and her team work to implement diverse elements online campaigns, ranging from website development to social media management for clients such as Citymeals-on-Wheels, New York Roadrunners, and Habitat for Humanity NYC. She holds a B.F.A. in film and media production from New York University Tisch School of the Arts and in 2009 received her M.A. in Art and Social Policy from New York University, with a focus on the cultural implications of interactive technology.