Webinar: Forging Public-Private Partnerships to Achieve Digital Inclusion

In July 2015, ConnectHome, a private-public initiative with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), The White House, nonprofits, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), private industry, and other stakeholders, launched with a significant goal: to connect more than 100,000 low-income households living in public housing with at-home access to the Internet, digital literacy training, and devices over the life of the program.

Launched by President Obama, the goal of ConnectHome is to close the digital divide for some of the neediest families in our nation.

As the national nonprofit lead for the ConnectHome initiative, EveryoneOn has been working with these communities to actively engage local leaders and broadband champions to further the work. Over the past six months, EveryoneOn and other stakeholders have encountered both triumphs and challenges.

This webinar will cover best practices learned and steps for creating public-private partnerships locally. Special attention will be paid to the following topics:

  • Case study communities and the process under which they have gained success
  • Setting evaluation benchmarks
  • Shared value opportunities

This webinar is part of NTEN’s Digital Inclusion Fellowship program, aimed at supporting digital inclusion initiatives, sharing best practices, and showcasing digital inclusion programs. You do not need to be a Fellow to attend; all are invited.

Speaker: Amber Petty
As national program coordinator for EveryoneOn, Amber is responsible for guiding implementation of EveryoneOn’s community engagement including support of the ConnectEd and ConnectHome initiatives. She attends national education and technology conferences in order to raise awareness on the need for digital equality and leads the cultivation and management of key partnerships with EveryoneOn's public, private, and nonprofit partners across the country.
Speaker: Chike Aguh
Chike Aguh (Chee-Kay Ah-Goo) leads EveryoneOn as chief executive officer (CEO) and is focused on steering the organization into an even larger force that closes the digital divide in our time. Previously, Chike served as EveryoneOn’s inaugural chief programs officer overseeing all national initiatives and partnerships such as ConnectED and ConnectHome. The son of immigrants from rural Nigeria whose lives were changed by America’s opportunities, he has spent his career ensuring that all Americans have access to the same. Earlier in his career, Chike worked as an education policy official under Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a second grade teacher and Teach For America corps member, a Fulbright Scholar in Thailand, and a director of corporate Strategy at the Advisory Board Company, working to launch technologies to help at-risk students graduate. Additionally, Chike has worked with the U.S. Department of Education, McKinsey&Company, Acumen Fund, and Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick’s Secretary of Education