Webinar: Collecting Climbers: Finding New Activated Supporters

This webinar is the first of a 3 part series on Getting Supporters to the top of the Ladder of Engagement

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Finding new supporters is hard, converting them into advocates & donors is even harder, and re-engaging them is the holy grail. The online campaigning & fundraising experts at Change.org are going to hold your hand through all three steps. In the first segment of our three web series, learn with us as we explore the many different sources that nonprofits draw upon to find new supporters, and evaluate the cost and ROI for each, from organic to paid acquisition, and in person events to online petitions.


About the Presenter

Lawrence Grodeska

Lawrence is a web marketing expert with more than 12 years experience leveraging technology and new media to promote programs and campaigns for public education, cause marketing and advocacy. As Nonprofit Community Manager at Change.org, Lawrence works with organizations to increase the impact of their advocacy by leveraging the campaigning tools and educational resources of the world’s largest petition platform.