Webinar: Collaborating with Partners for Program Sustainability

Interns, VISTAs, Fellows, and volunteers can all play a large role in developing and supporting new programs in nonprofit and educational organizations. While this work is often invaluable to an organization, it can be challenging to keep programs going after those people leave the organization.

This webinar will address key points to help to create long-term and sustainable programs with community partner organizations. We will talk about some of the challenges organizations face continuing programs after key players have moved on and ways short term staff/volunteers can plan for sustainability of their programs after their term ends.

Speaker: Shauna Edson
Shauna Edson is one of two Digital Inclusion Fellows at the Salt Lake City Public Library. Her interest in digital inclusion stems from over four years of teaching, facilitating writing workshops and groups, coordinating volunteers, connecting with community partners, and working in traditional and digital literacies with the diverse communities that make up the Wasatch Front. She addresses concerns such as education without appropriation, accessibility, managing difficult conversations, and communication. Shauna is currently working toward a MS in communication with an emphasis on rhetoric and composition at the University of Utah. When Shauna is not on the trail, snow, or water, she lives in downtown Salt Lake City with her two boys and dog.