Webinar: Collaborating with Faith Based Organizations for Digital Inclusion Programs

If you decide to work with the faith community you’re joining a community with a long history of implementing programs that make a difference for those most vulnerable and in need.  Some of the most recognizable services are soup kitchens, Christmas Dinners for the homeless and refugee resettlement. Faith organizations are evolving in the services that they provide to meet the arising problems facing the community.  They continue to be places where those in need remember will open their doors if someone needs help and this makes them key partners in bridging the Digital Divide

Speaker: Necole Durham
I'm very passionate about adult education and working in the community. Most of my work has been in literacy programs for refugees and immigrants. Some of the places where I have taught and organized adult education classes are for Columbus State Community College, Cobb County Public Schools, and Jewish Family and Career Services. One of my most rewarding experiences was the first time one of my refugee students from Bhutan, who was in his 60s, realized he could read and seeing the pride in his eyes when he shared what it meant to him.
Speaker: Aneta Lee
Aneta Thomas Lee is an altruistic forward-thinker with a passion for under-served neighborhoods. She has worked in nonprofit management—either by volunteer or active employment—for over 20 years. She enjoys serving others by giving them the education they need to empower themselves. Aneta served as a Digital Inclusion Fellow in the 2015-2016 and the 2016-2017 Cohorts. She is currently serving as a Digital Inclusion Specialist for the Connected Churches Initiative. A program sponsored by Google and the RainbowPUSH Coalition dedicated to assisting churches with creating "Technology Ministries". "We are committed to providing resources to churches so they can become a place of opportunity - in their community, in education and in digital inclusion." - ATL