Webinar: Civil Rights 2.0: Organizing a Movement Online

Exciting opportunities are emerging for organizing movements online. Over the past few years, for example, immigrant rights groups have revolutionized the conversations around their issue through emerging online technologies.

  • Reform Immigration FOR America revolutionized the way activists used mobile in 2010. They started as a list with $1,000 and 200 names and have grown to be a 175,000 person strong list in two languages. In March, they brought 250,000 people to the National Mall using mobile to organize participants and get people on buses. A few months later, they used mobile to drive 250,000 folks to elected officials in support of the DREAM Act legislation.
  • Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights is leading the way in online/offline organizing within the immigrants rights movement. They’re one of many groups effectively coordinating volunteers and actions through online tools on a local level.

Join Reform Immigration FOR America’s Online Communications Director Nicole Cairns and Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights Online Advocacy Manager Nathan Ryan to learn how they are using online tools to meet their mission.

In this session, attendees will

  • Learn how immigrants rights groups effectively use multi-platform online strategies
  • Understand what you have to take into consideration when working with a bilingual population
  • Discuss how a list built on a national movement can support local initiatives after that initial movement goes stagnant


Speaker: Nicole Cairns
Nicole Cairns is the online communications director for Reform Immigration FOR America. This year, RI4A's online community will hit 1 million members that have: driven 350,000 calls on the DREAM Act, recruited 250,000 people to March For America, and fought for immigrant justice around the country. Nicole has previously worked on campaigns for Power Shift, Greenpeace, The Nature Conservancy, and many others.
Speaker: Nathan Ryan
Nathan Ryan is the Online Advocacy Manager for the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights. At ICIRR, Nathan has been responsible for the organization’s online organizing around establishing an online support network and hotline for immigrant families, passing the IL DREAM Act, and raising awareness about the dangers of private detention centers in Illinois.