Webinar: Advocacy of the Future and How to Evolve With It: Social Media Component and Beyond

Who Should Attend?: Leadership, Marketing, and Communcations professionals who are thinking through what engagement and advocacy means for their organization. This session is also appropriate for anyone working with data, forecasting future impact for their organization, and want to think through what the next five years could like like in a data driven world.

What Will I Learn?: This webinar will focus on industry experts’ outlooks on advocacy and engagement evolving and trends within the market that give some indications as to where we will be in the next five years. Participants will focus the evolving use of social media and sharing within the market and the growing mobile components and how these will have a significant impact on any advocacy and engagement strategy.

What Will I Take Away?:

  • A focus on how transparency with decision makers is vital for sustainability: both at the elected official level but also with policy makers in government and corporate decision makers and how that applies to my organzation for the future
  • An understanding of the trends for amplification of an organizational message and how it is moving more towards a real-time dialogue and impact with those involved
  • Practical ways to apply how trends that are evolving and that are likely to the tone for strategies that are employed in the future for your organization

About the Presenter:

Peter Anthony, Senior Vice President, Advocacy & Engagement Solutions, CQ Roll Call

Mr. Anthony brings extensive management and entrepreneurial experience to CQ Roll Call. He is charged with overseeing the strategic and operational aspects of the Advocacy and Engagement division, driving long-term growth and expansion into the public affairs and government relations arena. Prior to joining CQ Roll Call, Peter was the President and CEO of Illumen, a small digital strategies and online communications firm based in Georgetown.

Leading a dedicated team, Illumen helped usher in a new era of advocacy and online engagement, creating new tools and delivery mechanisms that allowed for greater access to advocacy across the board. Recent speaking engagements include Folio Media Next, AdWeek New York and the Public Affairs Council.