Webinar: A Better Way to Select New Software

Are you planning on updating your software this year? Are you dreading it because of the amount of work you’ll be doing sifting through spreadsheets full of criteria and RFPs from vendors?

Find out how to streamline the process of choosing a new CRM, CMS, or other software platform while still gaining the benefits of a competitive marketplace. The next time you need to replace a core software platform that your organization uses will be a breeze!

What will I learn? Join Lisa Rau as she shows you how to reduce the time and frustration of choosing a new software platform, and how other organizations have streamlined the process of choosing a new platform.

Who should attend? If you’re looking at a way to make your software selection smoother, or you’re just looking forward into the next year and will be updating software that your organization relies on daily, you’ll benefit from the lessons shared by other organizations facing the same challenges as you.

About the Presenter:

Lisa Rau is the CEO and co-founder of Confluence, a woman-owned technology and creative services firm that focuses on nonprofits. She is active in the tech-for-nonprofits movement nationally. Confluence’s hallmark services include the set-up of Salesforce for nonprofits, and website design and development using open source CMSs. Confluence is a certified Salesforce partner, and works with the Blackbaud Luminate and FoundationConnect. Lisa is a frequent invited speaker and gives many courses and presentations for the tech-for-nonprofits community. From 1993-2001, Lisa was a senior executive at commercial IT services firms. Lisa has a B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science from UC Berkeley, and a Ph.D. in CS from the University of Exeter. Lisa is a Peer Reviewer for the Md Nonprofit’s Standards of Excellence program and served 2 terms on the Board of Directors of the YWCA of the NCA.