Webinar: 3 Steps to Make Facebook More Effective for Your Organization

Facebook has become one of the most important channels for reaching and engaging supporters online today. How do you know if your Facebook efforts are working? What should you focus on in 2014? In this webinar, you’ll gain the tools and knowledge you need to create a strategy for your page and learn how to create content that will engage your community and support your mission.

What will I learn? We’ll walk through how to assess current engagement of your Facebook page. Once you understand the state of your Facebook page, we’ll look at establishing key goals to focus on over the coming months. We’ll also look at examples of how to successfully grow your Facebook page, build stronger relationships with Facebook supporters, and capturing data so you can engage supporters beyond the walls of Facebook.

Who should attend? Do you manage a Facebook page or social media department for a nonprofit organization? Do you create content that is shared on your organization’s Facebook page? Are you focused on community growth or member engagement? If you work in an area of your organization that interfaces with your Facebook page, email growth, or member engagement, you will learn specific strategies and tactics for leveraging Facebook to accomplish your work.

Speaker: Drew Bernard
Drew Bernard is the founder and CEO of ActionSprout.com, a Facebook app that empowers nonprofits to get more from Facebook by engaging supporters beyond like, share, and comment. Drew has been helping organizations build productive relationships with supporters online for over a decade. From 2001 to 2009 he helped create the online strategy program at the former nonprofit technology leader Groundwire.