Webinar: 2016 Digital Outlook Report – Ready, Set, Go… Wait, Where Are We Going?

2015 was a banner year for integration as nonprofits reshaped and retooled to combine traditional (offline) and digital (online) endeavors, acknowledging that in modern marketing, digital shouldn’t exist in isolation.

The 2016 Digital Outlook Report results are in, and it may surprise you or reaffirm your strategic decisions and investments this year.  In this free webinar, research and report partners, Care2, hjc, and NTEN, will walk you through a recap of trends and strategies, highlighting best practices and expert insights along the way.

Come find out why the results have inspired us to name the 2016 iteration: Ready, Set, Go….WAIT, where are we going?


  • Key report findings to inform your nonprofit’s digital strategy
  • Nonprofit digital trends, plans for 2016 and campaign results
  • Best practices and expert insights for nonprofits to guide investment in 2016

This webinar is a good fit for:

Nonprofit professionals who are responsible for working on digital strategy in their organizations, such as fundraisers, marketers, communicators, and community managers.

Speaker: Allison Jones
Allison is a Brooklyn girl, currently living in Jersey, who’s passionate about making the world a better place. As NTEN’s Marketing and Publications Director, she gets to create and share resources that will help nonprofit professionals leverage technology for social change. When not working, you can find her gossiping with her colleagues, making a mess in her kitchen, or hanging out with one of her five younger siblings.
Speaker: Heather McLean
Heather McLean is a Senior Fundraising Advisor for hjc and Senior Strategist for Chris Carter Marketing Inc. based in Toronto. She has more than 10 years in the nonprofit sector focused on integrated marketing strategy powered by technology, CRM, and analytics and spends her time working on strategic planning, marketing strategy, lead generation, journey mapping, and complex discovery processes for technology adoption and change management for systems migrations.
Speaker: Ryann Miller
Ryann Miller is the Director of Nonprofit Services at Care2, where she helps nonprofits recruit and retain multichannel supporters and donor leads. She’s worked for Care2 for almost 6 years and has managed over 150 successful campaigns. With over 33 million members, Care2 is the largest online community of people standing together for good. Ryann has three boys (one big dog and two little humans) and lives, works, and plays in Toronto. Her off-hours are filled with running, catching, throwing, building and smashing things.
Speaker: Zach Zimmel
Zach co-pilots the Strategic Services department at hjc—a world leader in interactive and integrated fundraising. For his clients, he is a management consultant, a marketing specialist, and a campaign strategist. Zach gets nerdy about leveraging web and business analytics to guide innovation and he thrives on finding solutions for organizations to make them work more efficiently (both within and across departments) while building stronger, profitable constituent relationships.