Webinar: 2015 Digital Adoption Report – Putting Results into Action

Did you know that more than 60 million Americans do not have Internet access in their homes?

That statistic is alarming, and is precisely what drove NTEN and Mobile Citizen to launch the first Digital Adoption Report. This report explores how organizations keep staff connected – from offices to virtual teams – as well as how the Internet factors into program or service delivery. Beyond the organization’s staff, this report also looks to better understand how the community that is served influences digital decisions by staff and board. We hope this research provides an initial benchmark that we can all learn from and build on together.

Join Mobile Citizen and NTEN to review the 2015 Digital Adoption Report findings, discuss case studies from organizations at varying levels of adoption and digital inclusion efforts, and learn what steps you can take to better connect your constituents with your services.

Speaker: Cassie Bair
Cassie Bair is the Chief Business Development Executive of Voqal’s Mobile Citizen initiative, which advances social equity through access by providing low-cost wireless 4G internet exclusively to nonprofits, educational entities and social welfare agencies. She firmly believes technology should be used for social good and has a unique professional mix of nonprofit and start-up experience. Her passion is to unite nonprofits and social enterprises with the opportunities mobile technology presents.