Webinar: 2011 Nonprofit Technology Staffing & Spending Survey Results + Introducing The Online Benchmarking Tool

Since 2006, NTEN has been surveying the communities of NTEN and The NonProfit Times about their technology budgets, staffing levels, and approaches to planning, managing, and evaluating their technology decisions. Each year of data gives us a glimpse of how the nonprofit sector is investing (or, in many cases, not investing) in technology to support their mission-driven work.

Join us as we present the findings from the latest annual study, with improved benchmarks and technology effectiveness metrics you can use to plan your budgets, write your grant proposals, and make the case to your colleagues and stakeholders that technology is an important investment in your mission.

A special development for the nonprofit technology community will be unveiled in this webinar: a new online benchmarking tool, developed with The Gilbert Center through the generous support of The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. Want to compare your organization’s spending and practices with other organizations like yours? Want to generate customized benchmarks statistics and graphs you can use in proposals and presentations? This new tool will help you do that!

Join us for this free session to learn about:

  • Key Nonprofit Technology Investment Benchmarks
  • A New Online Benchmarking Tool for the Nonprofit Sector
  • How to Participate in the Beta Testing of the Nonprofit Technology Benchmarking Tool

About the Presenters

Annaliese Hoehling, Publications Director, NTEN
Annaliese has been with NTEN since 2006, working to connect NTEN members with each other and with the information and resources that will help make their jobs a little (or a lot!) easier. As Publications Director, Annaliese is working to develop NTEN’s research and publications resources that document the transformational power of technology in the nonprofit sector.

Michael Gilbert, Founder and Research Director, The Gilbert Center
Michael is an internationally known consultant to foundations and nonprofits, an innovator in the field of nonprofit technology and communication, an influential author and editor, and a social entrepreneur. Michael has played a long and seminal role in the development of the field of nonprofit technology. He delivered the opening keynote address at the very first Silicon Valley Conference on Nonprofits and Technology. He was the Founding President of the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN) and helped lead it through the period when it gained the critical trust of its key communities. He built a nonprofit technology company during the boom and helped several such companies survive afterwards.