Webinar: 10 Ways to Get Out Your Integrated Marketing Message

Are you still struggling to coordinate your online and offline messages? Are you wondering how to get your communications, marketing, and fundraising departments to coordinate their messaging? Do you feel like deadlines are coming at you so fast that you can’t keep up? This webinar will look at the ways some organizations have started to master a combined marketing plan that includes direct mail, social networks, blogs, videos, podcasts and mobile to raise money and build strong relationships with supporters.

What will I learn? Michael Johnston of hjc will share real examples of how to create more effective integrated marketing and fundraising messages, along with 10 ways to make your own integrated marketing plans work for you, including:

  • New ideas for using different channels for fundraising
  • How easy it is to build an integrated marketing strategy
  • Real world examples of how nonprofits are integrating their marketing efforts

Who should attend? Are you looking for a better way to combine your marketing tools and channels? Are you having trouble building consistent, on topic messaging for the marketing channels you already use? This webinar will help communications, fundraising, and programs professionals work together to build stronger messaging campaigns that meet each individual’s goals.

About the Presenter:

Michael Johnston is the president and founder of the global fundraising consultancy, Hewitt and Johnston Consultants (hjc), which has offices in Los Angeles, Vancouver, Toronto, and Cordoba. Michael also is founder of the UK-based fundraising firm Xtraordinary, and the co-founder of two global fundraising products, The Global Legacy Giving Group and the sports-based Fantasy Fundraising. He has helped raised over a billion dollars for his clients around the world.