Tech4Good Ottawa + F*ckup Nights

Tech4Good Ottawa (Tech4Good Ottawa) is part of NTEN’s Nonprofit Tech Club program.

Sometimes, things just don’t got your way. We get it. We’ve been there. Sh*t happens.

When things go wrong, do you keep it inside and never tell anyone? Nope. You learn from it. You decide to do better next time. And tell your friends about it over a beer, so they don’t make the same mistake.

This month, we’re partnering with the Ottawa chapter of F*ckUp Nights, the international movement of being honest about dropping the ball. Together we’ll be hosting a F*ckUp Night with a non-profit twist, asking our friends from the charitable sector to share their major fails, the tough lessons learned, and how they picked up the pieces after.

Join us for a night of drinks, snacks, and commiserating. You’ll feel way better after – and you’ll learn something too!