Sending out an SMS for Social Change

With mobile quickly  becoming the “first screen,” many communicators are finding the need to continually evolve their mobile strategies. While responsive sites and apps may get more attention, SMS or texting programs are proving to be among the most effective ways to reach and engage certain audiences.

Join us for a discussion with Mobile Commons on the newest and most innovative ways to leverage mobile.

This webinar will also feature best practices and lessons learned for creating SMS programs that can inspire and activate your audience.

During this one-hour webinar, we’ll cover how to:

  1. Promote and grow your texting database
  2. Tailor the right messaging for your audience
  3. Build out creative user experiences
  4. Set up the right metrics to track success

This webinar is hosted in partnership with the Ad Council, and is free of cost to attend.

About the presenter:

Mobile Commons aims to help bridge the digital divide by reducing the costs associated with Internet access for nonprofits, social welfare agencies, and schools, allowing organizations to invest more in their mission and the people they serve.