Product Spotlight: Turning Insight into Action: Improving Program Outcomes with Analytics

Nonprofit organizations need the insight necessary to answer: are our programs working? Where are additional services needed? How are we going to fund our operations? In this session we’ll discuss approaches that help you answer these questions and analyze your program data to improve decision making. Insight is great, but actionable insight is invaluable. With IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics for Program Evaluation and Effectiveness, organizations can leverage all of their existing data to analyze program effectiveness, predict future outcomes, and most importantly, turn insight into action by deploying the optimal strategy for success. With results available via dashboards and key performance indicators and predictors, progress can be monitored in real-time, accessible to key stakeholders throughout the organization. The result: improved programs and increased visibility that is instrumental in boosting the organization’s image, spreading the mission, and gaining additional funding!

In this session attendees will

  • Learn to identify and capture data that is critical to evaluate program effectiveness
  • Learn to analyze that data to determine the components that contribute to program successes or failures
  • Understand how to deploy results into action by implementing the steps necessary to improve programs


About the Presenter

Mary Grace Bateman

Mary Grace Bateman is a Market Manager on IBM’s SPSS Predictive Analytics Solutions Marketing team. Mary Grace contributes to the positioning and inclusion of predictive analytics in the Non-Profit industry and is responsible for asset creation for the IBM SPSS Predictive Donor Management solution.