Product Spotlight: Social CRM for Nonprofits

What is a Social CRM and how can your nonprofit leverage it to build support? In this webinar, you will learn how your organization can use social media to generate actual supporters, not just likes and followers. It’s one thing to get people to follow or like your organization, but the key for long-term growth and sustainability is to turn those people into real supporters of the organization. Chris Hanson, CEO of thedatabank, will talk about ways to do this with tools such as a Social CRM.

In this webinar, participants will learn:

  • What information and tools you need in place to manage your social media activities, just like for managing direct mail campaigns.
  • How to identify and leverage your current social influencers to spread your message to their networks.

About the Presenter

Chris Hanson has over 30 years of experience in fundraising and direct marketing, with the last 20 years focused on developing database management and communications technology for nonprofit and political organizations. Prior to co-founding thedatabank, inc. he was Managing Director for Direct Expressions, Inc., founded Response Group, Inc. and was a co-founder of Sanus Systems, Inc. In addition to his expertise in the use of technology for fundraising and direct marketing, Chris has been an adjunct professor in marketing and has written and presented extensively on entrepreneurship and small business development. He’s currently on the Board of MetroIBA and is a strong proponent of the important role that small businesses play in the social and economic well-being of our local communities. He writes about these and other topics in his “Fortunate Technologist” blog posts.