Product Spotlight: Quick Donate via Mobile Devices

Do you wish your donors could use their phones to send money directly into your organization’s account – with a single click? Fundraising professionals are under pressure to find new ways to take advantage of the fact that mobile has changed their donors’ online lives. Emails are increasingly received and read on phones but the conversion rates are undermined by the difficulty of filling out forms on small devices. And how can we get away from the low return on “text to give”, and still make use of the strong response inherent in SMS communication?

Blue State Digital has come up with an innovation that we believe will allow you to create a stronger-than-ever digital relationship with your donors. BSD Tools’ Quick Donate allows secure online donations with a single click. Partners in Health is one of the early adopters of this technology. Learn more about it, and hear from PIH why they chose to take part, and some early results.Â

In this webinar, participants will:

  • Learn the capabilities of Quick Donate
  • Understand the uses for the program
  • Hear about long-term expectations and short-term lessons from the field


About the Presenter:

Seth Reznik

Seth is Senior Vice President of Client Services at BSD, working to ensure clients’ understanding and successful use of the Tools. Prior to BSD, Seth served as a project manager at Kintera, Inc., helping national and international organizations to meet their fundraising and volunteer goals. He also worked in the online communications and fundraising department at America Coming Together, where he coordinated Internet operations in over fifteen state offices and assisted in Web site design and online messaging strategy. During his 6 years at BSD Seth has worked with organizations of all sizes and scopes all over the world, including several presidential races here in the US and Brazil, along with many other projects in the UK, New Zealand, and Mexico. As BSD’s client base has grown, so too has the client services team. They now offer several weekly trainings for clients as well as a full online knowledge base. Seth is also a part of BSD’s product team, regularly updating and revamping BSD’s software. Seth has a B.A. in economics from Northwestern University, and originally hails from New York. Outside of the office, he develops his own web designs and is an avid monster truck racer.