Product Spotlight: Multichannel Fundraising: Strategies to Engage Donors

With more and more communications channels out there, your supporters are getting bombarded with more and more messages from for-profit and non-profit sectors alike. So how can you make sure your organization stands out? (Hint: it’s not by jumping on the next social media tool.) In this webinar, we will review a case study and suggest ways you can build stronger campaigns by taking inspiration from your brand, and carrying your story strategically across many platforms.

In this session attendees will

  • Learn 12 steps to make your campaign stronger
  • Explore ways to integrate your marketing and fundraising tactics, both offline and online
  • See how to encourage your offline supporters to connect with you online and vice-versa


About the Presenter

Rachel Hope Allison

Rachel has helped nonprofits develop integrated fundraising and outreach campaigns, build online relationships and community, and sharpen their overall messaging and communications programs for the past decade. Soon after graduating from Stanford, Rachelbegan working with leading online direct response firms, where she helped craft online campaigns for major international organizations.

She has given trainings at the New Organizing Institute and the Commonwealth Club, and has been a guest speaker at Sarah Durham’s Brandraising course at NYU’s Wagner School of Public Service.

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