Product Spotlight: How to Make Your Cause Go Viral: Social Media Strategies for 2015

User-generated content has become a critical part of marketing strategies for companies and nonprofits alike. The viral “Ice Bucket Challenge” this past summer showed how powerful user-generated content can be in helping to achieve a nonprofit’s dual goals of awareness and fundraising.

We’ll address how nonprofits can utilize a passionate and active audience to raise funds or awareness for their causes. We will take a look at case studies of successful campaigns and explore how you can make user-generated content work for your organization through social media aggregators like TINT.

TINT is an official Techsoup partner that offers a digital marketing tool which pulls social content from ten of the most popular social sites onto one central hub. Our mission is to help organizations amplify their brand, engage their audiences, and drive them to take action through social media. We work with nonprofits big and small: United Way, Greenpeace, the American Heart Association, and the Make a Wish Foundation.

We’ll take a look at why user-generated content matters and how it can help you achieve your particular goals. We’ll examine three case studies from national organizations that have effectively used our tool to own user-generated content in order to raise funds, spread awareness on social media, and redefine how donors and supporters engage with their website.

One attendee of the webinar will win a free $1000 premium TINT subscription. All attendees will receive a code for 25% off TINT.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Discover how and why user-generated content is an indispensable part of how nonprofits achieve their goals

  2. Learn how using an aggregator allows you to own user-generated content, so you can effectively solicit donations, prompt social sharing from supporters, and redefine why supporters engage on your website

  3. Explore specific user-generated content tactics, like selling “ad space” on your own social hub to sponsors, including call-to-action buttons on social posts to increase donations, and using in-depth analytics to see who your strongest influencers and target audience are on social media


Speaker: Brandon Ancier
Brandon Ancier is TINTs Head of Growth and a Social Media Guru who has helped hundreds of major brands and nonprofits, like the American Heart Association, create viral initiatives. His passion is helping nonprofits take advantage of social media to spread their measure and increase impact. You can find Brandon on Twitter @BrandonAncier.
Speaker: Muriel MacDonald
Muriel MacDonald creates content and communications for TINT. Before joining TINT she worked at a number of Nonprofit organizations, including the World Resources Institute as a writer and blogger. She loves helping nonprofits communicate their ideas more clearly to their audiences. You can find Muriel on Twitter @MurielMacDonald.