Product Spotlight: Effective Meetings in the Cloud: How Do I Do It?

Board meetings, team meetings, committee meetings – most nonprofits have lots of meetings. Online meetings can make scheduling easier, eliminate travel costs and save attendees time. So how can you move meetings online and have them be effective?

Learn how to select the right technology, manage logistics, and improve participation from one of the top providers of online meetings. In this session we’ll review use-case examples, such as how working committees, executive committees, and boards can effectively meet online.

For those interested in using Lucid Meetings we will offer attendees a 10% discount good for a year!

In this webinar, participants will learn to

  • Select the right virtual meeting technology for the group and the topic
  • Prepare your committee before the meeting to ensure it runs smoothly
  • Manage meeting formalities, like roll-call, note taking, motions, and records


About the Presenter

Elise McIntosh

As the Chief Product Officer for Lucid Meetings, Elise drives the product strategy and development. Elise has over 14 years creating collaboration services and products for associations and nonprofit organizations. She has also served on several national standards committees.