Planned Giving Meets Tech: Giving Docs

Nonprofit Tech Club Austin (Austin, TX) is part of NTEN’s Nonprofit Tech Club program.

The founders of GivingDocs have experienced the effects of a loved one not having a will. They have seen families torn apart, excessive money wasted in courts and finances delayed in probate. People think they need to spend thousands of dollars, setup complex trusts or other excessive legal documents to do this. But they don’t have to!

Join Mark Swanson, Director of Public Relations for GivingDocs to learn about this pioneering, cost-effective platform which also allows participants to support philanthropy. “Your philanthropic gift(s) can have a huge impact on the world. Support a cause or three and help them grow.” GivingDocs also works with nonprofit organizations to help promote planned giving among their constituents. Mark will speak about the company’s nonprofit initiatives. Read more about building a legacy with your donors here.

Mark Swanson has gone off the beaten career path of a traditional journalist, but has ended up working where his heart is: social good. He has had work appear in hundreds of publications, including the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Miami Herald, Houston Chronicle and USA Today.

Mark earned his bachelor’s degree in creative writing from Florida State University and a Master’s in Sports Business from the University of Texas. He has an eclectic background that includes 20 years as a freelance reporter, two years in baseball public relations and six years marketing social good at the Fortune 50 corporate level.


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