Nonprofits & Data: How to Visualize Your Data

How do you move from a spreadsheet full of numbers to a gorgeous visual representation of your data? Once you know what your strategy is, how do you then follow an effective process and use the right tools? Getting to a visualization is often a multistep process of cleaning, preparing and adding context to data. We’ll cover examples of processes that nonprofits have followed in getting from A to B, as well as look at some of the tools that can help.

In this webinar, participants will

  • Learn about tools for cleaning and preparing data
  • Understand how to add context to your data with other data sets
  • Learn about exploring, presenting, and sharing data as charts, graphs, and maps

About the Presenters

Tamara Manik-Perlman, Azavea

Tamara Manik-Perlman is a geographer who leads Azavea’s Spatial Analysis team and manages web-based and mobile software development projects. Her responsibilities include user interface design, spatial database development, geospatial analysis and modeling, cartography, and technical writing and editing. She works regularly with non-profits as well as government and private organizations to identify objectives, define research questions, develop appropriate analytical methodologies and produce compelling visualizations.

Jeremy Heffner, Azavea

Jeremy Heffner is a product manager and member of the marketing team at Azavea. His responsibilities include managing the firm’s web presence, online marketing, and Salesforce CRM implementation as well as managing the product roadmap for HunchLab, Azavea’s crime analysis product. Before joining Azavea, Jeremy worked in the nonprofit sector at NPower PA and the Clean Air Council.