Nonprofit Tech Club: Google Analytics for Dummies

Nonprofit Tech Club Austin (Austin, TX) is part of NTEN’s Nonprofit Tech Club program.

Some of us have taken the time to learn how to use Google Analytics, but some of us have forgotten. Others among us are curious, but we have never used them. Join Nonprofit Tech Club Austin for an accessible, hands-on session that will show us how powerful and helpful Google Analytics can be to nonprofit organizations!

Jon Lebkowsky of Polycot Associates, a cooperative digital agency based in Austin, will speak to us about Google Analytics. This program will be helpful to those of us who are entirely new to Google Analytics, as well as for those who have used Google Analytics in the past, but who have forgotten how to use the system.

By way of background, Polycot Associates leverages open source tools, provides comprehensive custom web development and design services, content strategy, conversion consulting, SEO and social media integration. Its members have deep experience with the technologies and trends of responsive digital communication systems. They carefully manage their web development projects, and work hard to ensure their work is efficient and budget-sensitive.