Keeping Up with the Demands of IT Security on a Nonprofit Budget

Tech4Good Cleveland (Cleveland, OH) is part of NTEN’s Nonprofit Tech Club program.

Is your organization keeping up with the demands of IT security? From e-mail to encryption, mobile devices to your local network, security is an important topic for organizations of all sizes regardless of budget or resources. Join Tech4Good Cleveland to learn how to start that conversation within your organization today.

The technical requirements facing nonprofits are challenging and complex due to budgetary constraints, and the demands for secure and reliable access to data regulators, clients, donors, and board members. We will explore different tools non-profits can leverage for better IT security practices that won’t break your IT budget, including cloud based anti-virus solutions, Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems, and data backup in the cloud. Additionally, you will learn how tools built within Office 365 (available for free to qualified nonprofits from Microsoft), such as Email Encryption and Mobile Device Management, enable non-profits to operate more efficiently and securely.