How to Make Infographics that Change the World

Nonprofit Tech Club Austin (Austin, TX) is part of NTEN’s Nonprofit Tech Club program.

History is made by people who can communicate their ideas to the world. Infographics bring complex ideas to life for audiences overwhelmed with competing content. In this workshop, change makers and activists will learn the 6 steps to concept, create, and promote transformative infographics. Whether your communications goal is awareness, advocacy, or fundraising, this course will inspire and equip you to use infographics.

About Our Speaker

Ivy Le was in the AT&T War Room when the Apple iPhone launched and irrevocably changed the Internet’s role in business and in our daily lives. She led the business-to-business committee on Jackson Spalding’s social media team and then launched 9Terrains, a social media agency in Austin, Texas, known for cause advocacy, now the parent company of Infographic Armory.

Ivy recently graduated from the University of Texas with an MBA, and was selected to serve as an Education Pioneer Fellow consulting with innovative education organizations on how to scale their impact. She serves on the Easter Seals of Central Texas Social Venture Committee, Impact Lab’s advisory board, and as ambassador for She has also “served” as the beer reporter for the Austin Chronicle.