Data Community Call

The Nonprofits & Data group is part of NTEN’s online community program.

We love our online conversations – but sometimes it’s more productive to talk in real time. So the data community is planning a community phone call on Wed., June 21, from 1-1:45 p.m. Eastern.

We’ll start with 2 topics:

  • Choosing platforms and migrating data
  • Training and encouraging adoption of your database

Bring your questions and experiences. Or feel free to just listen in. Everyone is welcome. If there’s time, we’ll open up the conversation to other topics.

There are two ways to join the conference call:

  1. Go to our online conference room, add your name and click “Join” or log in. Then click “My Computer” from the audio options menu. Open a separate tab in your browser and open the collaborative notes. OR,
  2. Use 866-853-1888 (no PIN needed) to dial in with a phone line. If your computer is available, open your browser and open the collaborative notes.

Janice and I look forward to talking with you – live and in person!