Data Cleanup and Duplicate Management: Data Community Call

We love our online conversations – but sometimes it’s more productive to talk in real time. Join the data community for a conversation about data cleanup and duplicate management.

We’ll discuss:

  • How do you monitor your database for duplicates and bad/incomplete data?
  • Do you have a regular process for cleaning it up? What does that look like?
  • How can duplicates and bad/incomplete data be prevented?
  • What do you do about obsolete data?
    • Who gets to decide?
    • Where does it go when you purge?

Bring your questions and experiences. Or feel free to just listen in. Everyone is welcome.

To join the call:

  1. Go to our online conference room, add your name and click “Join” or log in. Then click “My Computer” from the audio options menu. Open a separate tab in your browser and open the collaborative notes. OR,
  2. Use 866-853-1888 (no PIN needed) to dial in with a phone line. If your computer is available, open your browser and open the collaborative notes.