Creating Community with Digital Tech

LA Tech4Good (Los Angeles, CA) is part of NTEN’s Nonprofit Tech Club program.

Frank Hong: How digital technology and social media are redefining community outreach and engagement for socially responsible organizations

Marcy Rye: What Pokémon Go and augmented reality mean for the future of tech and community engagement.

Rebecca Campbell: Where digital technology meets human interaction and how online communities are fostering greater in-person connections.

Frank Hong is CEO & Founder of One World CGI, a public benefit corporation that operates an online social platform helping people discover and connect to good things happening in their communities.

Marcy Rye is Founder & Principal of Wire Media, a certified B Corp enabling nonprofits and social good companies to communicate better with their audiences through brand strategy and visual storytelling.

Rebecca Campbell is VP, Client Success at Causecast, an online platform that helps corporations, employees, and nonprofit partners connect and do more good.

Hosted by Cross Campus Pasadena, a community of creative professionals, for hosting us. We’re looking forward to seeing old & new friends at our first Pasadena event.