Course: Advanced Google Analytics

Problems This Training Will Help You Address:

  1. Unfamiliar how to use the Campaigns feature to determine which outreach effort worked best
  2. Need to understand the Goals feature and decide whether it would be useful to you and your organization
  3. Don’t know how to use Segments to uncover hidden opportunities
A week-long course that takes place in our Online Training Center.

Participants complete pre-readings, answer knowledge check questions, attend an online training, and receive feedback directly from faculty on a homework assignment.

About This Course:

If you already feel confident about terms like sessions and pageviews, then join this advanced training. You’ll learn how to use the powerful but elusive Campaigns feature to measure your organization’s outreach efforts and determine which methods drive the most traffic to your site. You will learn all about Goals and why your organization may (or may not!) want to use them to automate complex analytics tracking. You’ll also receive an in-depth tutorial on Segments so you can slice and dice your analytics information and uncover hidden opportunities with specific audiences.

Advanced Context

As an advanced course, it is helpful to have an existing understanding of the following prior to participation:

  • Already familiar with basic terms such as sessions, pageviews and bounce rates
  • Interested in adding more layers to your analytics via Campaigns, Goals, and Segments

Professional Certificate Elective Credit

This training event qualifies as one elective credit for the Nonprofit Technology Professional Certificate

CFRE Credit

This training event qualifies for 3 Approved CFRE credits.

Speaker: Yesenia Sotelo
Yesenia Sotelo is a web developer and digital skills trainer. As the founder of SmartCause Digital, she serves as an approachable, expert resource that can help you remove the stress and uncertainty of managing a nonprofit website. Her SmartCause Method for building websites is especially designed for the way nonprofits collaborate, make decisions and grow! Find her on twitter as @silverbell or at