Course: Advanced Data Management

In this course, we will focus on developing your understanding of data constructs such as references, normalized data, and survey question types. We will unpack the “Feedback Loop cycle” and evaluate how feedback is integrated (or not) into current data management practices within your organization. We’ll demonstrate sample key performance indicators (KPIs) and survey data in use at other organizations, including an overview of website analytics.

You will also work through documenting your existing KPIs, if any, and develop a plan to investigate desired KPIs which are not currently tracked. We will discuss processes to identify and prioritize the adoption of internal reporting team-wide, and discuss strategies on how to implement a culture of decision-making that is driven by data.

Learning Objectives
You will be able to…

  1. Evaluate your organization’s current feedback loop of design, collect, analyze, dialogue, and course correct.
  2. Identify, assess, and prioritize your current key performance indicators.
  3. Design a dashboard for desired key performance indicators, and develop a data collection plan for items not currently tracked.

Advanced Context
This is an advanced course. You should have an understanding of the following prior to participation:

  • Basic understanding of KPIs
  • Basics of data collection and management
  • An awareness of current data usage and related processes at your own organization

Course Timeline

Course Timeline
Course readings and pre-course quiz are available Sunday and due before the live event.
The live event takes place Wednesday at 11am PST (recording will be available shortly after).
Homework is due the following Sunday. Faculty provide feedback within a week.

Professional Credential Units
In addition to our own Nonprofit Technology Professional Certificate, NTEN is an approved provider for a number of other professional credentials programs. This course qualifies for the following credits.

NTEN Professional Certificate 1 | CFRE 3 | CAE 1.5

Speaker: Monica Flores
Monica S. Flores (@monicasflores) builds digital products to support a socially just, environmentally sustainable, and equitable society. She works in the technology space to support communities, dreamers, and doers who make a positive difference. Since 2004 she has worked with US-based and global membership groups, non-profits, public agencies, and startups to best reach their online communities through her consulting practice, 10K Webdesign. She also leads and manages large-scale web development projects, including redesign, refactoring, and digital platform buildout for organizations such as Green America, Ashoka Changemakers, and the GIST Network, a project of the U.S. Department of State. Monica's focus is to build community, foster connectedness, and use her technology skills to make a better world. She is passionate about sustainability, social justice, diversity, entrepreneurship, education, and science/tech for positive social change.