Community of Practice: Chat with Susan Colatuono

The Women in Nonprofit Tech group is part of NTEN’s Communities of Practice (CoP) program.

Susan Colantuono is a globally recognized expert in women’s leadership development and gender dynamics. As CEO of Leading Women, she heads up a team of amazing business consultants who collaborate with corporate partners on high-impact solutions to meet their talent development goals. She conducts ground breaking research, turns it into practical solutions and travels the globe delivering cutting edge solutions to companies that are committed to closing the leadership gender gap and women’s advancement.

Susan’s speaking engagements around the world bring keen and inspirational insights to audiences of women and men at conferences, private client events and virtual leadership summits.

This call will be slightly different from the regular calls. We will spend the first half of the call watching Susan’s TED talk (which can be found here if you would like to preview it – Participants will be able to add questions to our collaborative notes page and then Susan will join us for the last half hour to respond to the questions posed.

You can read more about the works that Susan is doing with Leading Women at