Community Call: Data – January 2018

This event is just one aspect of NTEN’s community programming: Have discussions 24/7 in the online community forums or meet up in-person through your local Nonprofit Tech Club.

Join the NTEN’s Data group for a community call about data integration.

Online fundraising…offline donations…email signups…petition signatures…program data…and more! If you have multiple data sources, you’ve probably encountered the nightmare of data integration. We’ll discuss:

  • How to understand the relationships between your databases
  • How to manage duplicates and record merging without screwing up your integrations
  • How to troubleshoot when each vendor says integration issues are the other vendor’s problem
  • Additional integration topics of your choice

Bring your questions and experiences. Or feel free to just listen in. We can’t promise to turn your nightmare into a dream–but we can all help each other out!

About: This discussion-based conference call is organized and facilitated by volunteers and members of NTEN’s Data group. Register for the call to participate in the live chat and join the online forum to ask questions, give advice, and share resources anytime. All are welcome.