Collaboration Tools For Nonprofit Boards & Remote Workers

Tech4Good SWFL (Naples, FL) is part of NTEN’s Nonprofit Tech Club program.

On May 2, 2017 we will have a panel discussion about Collaboration Tools for Board and Remote Workers. This is particularly useful as May is the time when many local Board members have moved to their summer homes.

How many times have you been on a painfully-long email discussion with board members or attempted to figure out which file is the most recent version of a group-edited document? How can a board include online engagement and collaboration tools as part of the board-building cycle?

Collaboration is integral to the work done by foundations and nonprofits. This is especially true for boards of directors tasked with working together to guide organizations — but when board members and staff are spread across multiple offices or geographic locations, collaboration is not as easy as sitting around a conference room table. Whether voting on proposed budgets, preparing financial documents or recommendations for upcoming meetings or evaluating pending grant proposals, sharing documents by email or participating in conference calls is sometimes not enough.

Join us for next month’s panel discussion with world-class nonprofit consultants