Ask the Expert: Steve Andersen on the Cloud

The Cloud is changing the way that nonprofits are thinking about using software. In our June Ask the Expert event, Steve Andersen of Salesforce, will discuss the evolving opportunities and some of the latest trends in using the cloud for nonprofits.

The Cloud can bring the ease of automatic software updates, organization-wide e-mail, and remote access to your constituent database to your nonprofit’s infrastructure – without the need to host your own servers. For what used to be the price of a word processing program, the Cloud can deliver enterprise-level document collaboration. The list goes on, but in short, cloud computing opens the opportunity for your organization to shift from using technology exclusively in the back office to using technology as a strategic part of its work.

Hence, our favorite questions for the NTEN expert of the month include: what are the latest changes and considerations for nonprofits using the cloud?

About the Expert

Steve Andersen, Salesforce

Steve Andersen joined the Salesforce Foundation in 2009 after eight years serving nonprofits with technology. In 2005 Steve started the CRM consulting program at ONE/Northwest (now Groundwire) and pioneered the deep customization of Salesforce for small to medium-sized nonprofits. His writing at and his leadership in the Nonprofit Salesforce community have helped coalesce a growing cadre of technologists implementing the platform to change the world.

Steve leads the Technology team which builds and maintains the very popular Nonprofit Starter Pack–a set of customizations in use at thousands of nonprofits. The team also works hard to have the Foundation be an example of a nonprofit successfully using technology to enhance delivery of its mission. The team is always pushing the envelope of what’s possible, and always in service of mission.

Steve thinks that social change organizations should simply be the best examples of technology in service of mission. The world can settle for nothing less. His team is working to make that vision a reality through getting great software out to social change groups, telling the story in the funder and implementer communities, and making strategic connections and investments for impact.

Speaker: Steve Andersen
Steve Andersen leads the Foundation technology team in it's efforts to help organizations use in service of mission. Steve is a nationally-recognized leader in the nonprofit user community. A veteran of Groundwire, NPower Seattle and several Seattle-area tech startups, Steve thinks and writes a lot about how nonprofits can achieve their missions by becoming data-driven.