Ask the Expert: Katrin Verclas on Mobile Technology

Mobile is radically changing the way that nonprofits need to be thinking about engaging, fundraising, and well, just about every aspect of their work. In our April Ask the Expert event, Katrin Verclas, will discuss the opportunities and some of the latest trends in mobile for nonprofits.

Mobile is making the donating and engagement experience more like Instant Messaging and facilitating unpredictable innovations. Websites need to be optimized for mobile. Early benefits include increased user engagement (“flow”) and higher response rates for well-crafted campaigns. Many nonprofits, though are still trying to figure out how best to use mobile and what an effective mobile strategy looks like.

Hence, our favorite question for the NTEN expert of the month is what does this mean for the nonprofit sector?

How’s It Work?

Ask the Expert is a monthly online event on Google+ where you will be able to see and chat with the NTEN expert and moderator. This event is only available to NTEN members, so if you aren’t already, become a member today!

Speaker: Katrin Verclas
Katrin Verclas' background is in IT and project management in nonprofit organizations, community organizing, community engagement, political advocacy, and relationship management, and she has also spent considerable time in her professional life as a program officer for a number of grantmaking and philanthropic initiatives. Katrin coordinates MobileActive, a global network of activists and NGOs using mobile phones for social change. She served as Executive Director of NTEN from 2006-2007. She previously co-directed Aspiration: Better Tools for a Better World, a nonprofit organization focused on providing software-related services and resources to other nonprofit organizations. Before that, she worked as a consultant, deputy director of a holding organization of funds, and as a program officer.