Ask The Expert: Engagement Scoring: Activate Your Supporters and Measure Your Impact

Being an effective organization means connecting with your different levels of supporters with the right tactics for the right audience. Engagement scoring is about measuring the involvement of your constituents, and determining the best way to inspire them towards higher levels of engagement in your mission. Our experts will dive into the how and why of setting up engagement indices or refining your existing strategies. We’ll discuss simple tools to measure and use your engagement data for greater impact.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Simple ways to set up engagement scoring at your organization across multiple platforms
  2. Measurement strategies to more accurately gauge your impact
  3. How to use your data to evaluate  identify gaps or problem areas in your work
  4. Tips for evaluating and refining your engagement indexes over time
Speaker: Elana Leoni
Elana is the Director of Social Media Strategy and Marketing for Edutopia. She’s passionate about change in education and love to collaborate with educators that are helping to reform education from the bottom-up. With Edutopia, among many things, she lead the social media strategy (including Facebook and Twitter, YouTube and many other social sites). I also help organize edcampMarin and edcampSFBay and does all she can to help promote the edcamp movement. Follow her on Twitter at @elanaleoni.
Speaker: Sarah Francis
Sarah is Percolator’s Campaigner-in-Chief. Her superpower is using technology to get large numbers of people incredibly excited to help mission-driven organizations succeed. (Her secret weapon is the “Happy Clap” — by the time you hear it, it’s too late). Before joining Percolator, Sarah was the Chief Technology Officer at MomsRising, a million-member advocacy organization focused on making America a truly family-friendly place. In just 5 short years, Sarah helped build MomsRising from an organization of 20,000 to an organization that is over one million strong. She’s a veteran of progressive political campaigns, creating voter communication campaigns for organizations and progressive candidates across the country. Sarah is also Percolator’s Google Analytics and SQL junkie and loves to create ways to measure the metrics that matter.