Ask the Expert: Disaster Strikes, Now What? Using Technology for Disaster Response and Preparedness

How is your organization equipped to respond when disaster strikes? In a crisis, you’re lurched into a crazy mix of circumstances and often a lot of uncertainty, so it’s important to be agile in your day-to-day work, and have systems in place for your organization to speed ahead, if necessary. Be it a natural disaster or political unrest, this online, interactive Ask the Expert session will explore how you can prepare for the unexpected and thrive in the face of catastrophe.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Ways to effectively deal with heightened public scrutiny and visibility in times of crisis

  2. How to use social media to get information during emergencies

  3. Important systems to have in place before disaster strikes

  4. Strategies for changing tactics on the fly and learning from mistakes

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Speaker: Gregg Swanson
After serving with the U.S. Air Force as a pilot and staff officer, Gregg held executive and management positions in several Silicon Valley technology companies, primarily in operations and international programs. A graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, he has studied in Germany as an Olmsted Scholar and has graduate degrees in international affairs from the American University and in business from Stanford University. Before founding HumaniNet in 2002, Gregg was Director of Technology at Northwest Medical Teams in Portland, Oregon, U.S.
Speaker: Wendy Harman
My mission: make it easier for people to take positive action. I'm interested in the policy, philanthropy, technology, partnership, civic engagement, and volunteer innovations that enable the strength of communities (real and virtual, corporate and civic) to make good stuff happen for the 21st century. I am a connector of creative ideas, a collaboration enthusiast, an intrapreneur, a digital nerd, a citizen scientist, a believer in human centered design, a civic hacker, a strategic thinker and a professional listener. I am passionate about using these talents, my network, and my experience for positive social impact. I have experience working in policy think tanks, disaster and crisis management, digital engagement, communications, marketing, information management, and innovation hubs. I design programs, policies, projects, and partnerships that meet people where they are. I earned a BA in English and Psychology from Emory University, and a JD from Northeastern School of Law. In 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013 I was named to the Nonprofit Times Power and Influence Top 50 list. I frequently speak and write about issues at the intersection of nonprofits, technology, and engagement.