501 Tech Club: Not Your Grandmother’s Website: Mobile/Responsive Web Development

Tech4Good Denver (Denver, CO) is part of NTEN’s 501 Tech Club program.

Is your organization’s website mobile-friendly? Is it responsive? If it’s not, or if you don’t know, it should probably be in your plans to learn more and upgrade soon. We can help! Come join us for the latest on strategy, options, and considerations.

Our experts will be here to explain the basics of mobile and responsive website design, and walk you through your options–from a quick fix to an overhaul. They’ll also share their best tips and advice for planning and preparing for such a transition. You’ll learn about things like responsive images, navigation for touch screens, testing, and much more. This is a beginner to intermediate level forum, so don’t be intimidated if you’re not familiar with the topic!


Jen Frazier, FireFly Partners
Marisa Porter & Meg Martin, Arete Imagine


Community First Foundation
Firefly Partners

When: Wednesday, July 15, 2015 from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM (MDT)

Where: Mile High United Way – 711 Park Avenue West Denver, CO 80205