501 Tech Club: “Holy Cow! Look at That!” Graphics and your website/social media!

Tech4Good SWFL (Naples, FL) is part of NTEN’s 501 Tech Club program.

Visual content on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+ attracts more activity than text only posts.

During this meeting of Tech4Good SWFL #t4gswfl we will explore using the most current tools for graphic creation and manipulation. Tools which will help in the downsizing of photos, enhance pictures and logos for social media sites, integrate text for the best effect, and draw more viewers. Social Media networks have their rules and limits for optimal dimension, we’ll learn about these and how to utilize them for our maximum effectiveness. By using this knowledge we will not waste time and increase efficiency..

Bring your laptop, tablets and other mobile devices. We will provide you with time for hands-on learning and you will have an opportunity to create and use graphics as you learn.

We will demonstrate Canva, Pablo, Silk, and Gimp.

We will also provide an introduction to our April meeting on the “Techsoup Storymaker 2016 Contest” and how to prepare for the April workshop.