501 Tech Club: Fundraising and E-commerce: A (Surprise) Match Made in Heaven

Tech4Good Ottawa (Ottawa, ON) is part of NTEN’s 501 Tech Club program.

54% of Canadians are shopping online at least once a month. It’s a big audience – but it’s one charities miss out on all the time.

While the private sector has kept up with tech-savvy online consumers, charities are often sentenced to a lifetime of playing tech catch-up. Not to mention that charities often don’t have any products or services to “sell” to their donors. Sounds like a bad idea already – or is it?

In this session, we’ll hear from Amanda Powell, Digital Fundraiser with the UN Refugee Agency. She’ll present how a not-so-nimble charity used one of the leading e-commerce platforms to generate much-needed revenue during the largest refugee crisis of our generation. She’ll show you her process, share her lessons learned, and answer your burning questions.

And as usual, we’ll kick off and wrap up with networking so you can meet more awesome folks!