501 Tech Club: DFW Nonprofit Geeks Monthly Meeting

DFW Nonprofit Geeks (Dallas-Fort Worth, TX) is part of NTEN’s 501 Tech Club program.

Project: Improving digital systems for the Joseph Storehouse – a N TX food pantry with multiple satellite locations.

We are in the project requirements gathering phase. At this meeting, we will interview the back-office administrative personnel and see how they currently do their jobs. In particular, we will be observing the spreadsheets, Google Docs, databases and other applications they use on a daily basis.

During this meeting, we will compile a level 1 data flow diagram.

Our next step after this meeting will be to analyze the data flow diagram for opportunities to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

It is not necessary to have experience creating data flow diagrams, using Excel or writing software. Participants only need to have observation, analysis and communication skills.

This is an opportunity for other nonprofits to see how this process works and for technical folks to volunteer their time and experience.

If you have any questions or get lost, my cell # is 469-831-8300 and my email is adamsben@mail.com.